The 6 Things Your Wedding Videographer Wants You To Know


So, you're planning a wedding. First things first, CONGRATULATIONS! You've most likely been engaged for at a least a few months now, and if you're looking into wedding videographers, you're probably waist deep in wedding planning. It can be a pretty big undertaking, with many decisions to make and SO. MANY. OPTIONS. And while the internet is saturated with information about wedding photographers, unfortunately there isn't as much out there about videography.

Wedding films can be an incredibly unique and meaningful keepsake from your wedding day. They capture sounds, moments, and emotions that photographs simply cant. It's no wonder then that videography is one of the fastest growing sectors of the wedding industry and is quickly becoming a necessity for most couples. 

As a wedding lover and a seasoned wedding filmmaker, I wanted to put together a short list of information that your wedding videographer definitely wants you to know before your wedding day!

#1 Every Videographer Has a Different Style

Just like wedding photographers, filmmakers each have their own unique style, technique, and approach. This, in many ways, will be evident when you view their portfolio. However, some elements might not be as obvious. Here are some questions to consider when exploring a vendor's work: What are the length of the videos, and what parts of the wedding day are included? What role does voiceover and sound play within the videos? What type of shots do they utilize - slow motion, close ups, drone shots, etc? Do you feel they overuse any of these types of shots (for instance, I personally feel that sometimes videographers can overuse slow motion or drone shots in Highlight films). What emotions do their videos evoke for you? Do they capture the emotions of their subjects well? Do they tell the story of the day and the specific couple? Do they make you feel like you were there?

Prioritizing some of these stylistic choices and aspects of videos might help you narrow down your choices and get exactly the type of film you want!

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#2 Editing Will Take Longer

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the editing process for video is truly different from photo. No doubt your photographer will be hard at work, and will put a lot of time and effort into making sure that each ones of your photos is edited perfectly, and that your album is cohesive and beautiful from start to finish. It's important for you to know that a videographer's editing process is TOTALLY different. The programs, processes, and equipment we use vary drastically from a photographer's. Video editing means slicing, stabilizing, piecing together, color correcting, and setting to music each clip of your video. We're also facilitating your music choices, which often means editing down the length of the song to fit your video's needs, without making it obvious there is a cut. Audio is a factor as well, and had to be processed, synced, and edited for optimal sound quality. As a general rule of thumb, you can assume that it takes around 1.5-2 hours to edit every one minute of video. For seasoned videographers and editors, this process can be faster, but not by much! I watch all of my videos upwards of 20 times in order to make final edits before I send it to a client. Factoring in time to export a video file and upload to a video hosting site, and you can see why your videographer might not be getting your videos to you at quite the same rate as your photographer! This can also be a reason for videographer's to charge more, as they need to be paid for the time that goes into your video. 

#3 We Will (Usually) Take a Back Seat

It's never fun to have too many cooks in the kitchen. On a day when the schedule and timing is key, it's especially important to have a de facto leader in place. It's also crucial that your vendors work together seamlessly not only to create a stress-free experience for you, your fiancé, your families and bridal parties, but also because simply put: when we work well together, we do our best work! I often hear from my clients that they didn't even notice me filming many times throughout the day, and honestly that's music to my ears! I take a back seat on the day of, because I know that both your photographer and I can't be calling the shots, so letting them run the show and speaking up with an idea or to ask for a shot when need be is really the best approach. Because genuine emotions and real moments read better than posed on video, your videographer will be capturing a different set of shots anyway. In the end, this gives you a unique perspective from your photographer and videographer, which is great! 


"When we work well together,

we do our best work!"


#4 Please Don't Talk!

No, of course i'm not suggesting that you don't talk at all on your wedding day! However, there are a few times when I think you should just let yourself be quiet and take in the moment. You'll also be helping your videographer (and photographer!) out by allowing them to get beautiful shots, without editing around moving mouths! A few key times of day when I ask my clients to try to keep talking to a minimum:

Portraits. While you're getting ready, your photographer and videographer might ask for a few shots, both before and after you are dressed. Though it can be tempting to continue chatting with your bridal party, or to answer questions from a parent, I urge you to take a moment, be still, and to reflect on what the day holds. 

First look. I know, I know. You've just seen your fiancé for the first time on your wedding day! You both look great and there's so much happening and the day is already flying by. Of course you'll have a lot to say to them. However, taking just a few moments to be together in the moment can be so powerful. I promise you'll have some time to catch up before the Ceremony!

Walking down the aisle. It's official, you're married! This will likely be one of the most exciting, meaningful moments of your day. It's personally one of my favorite points in any wedding day, because I LOVE how incredibly happy couples look! Trust me, you will want a shot of your faces during that time.

Your first dance. This is a big one folks! I know that dancing to a full length song in front of ALL of your friends and family can be somewhat intimidating. However, this is just another opportunity to bask in the love that you're celebrating, and maybe one last moment to really soak everything in before the party gets started. It can be tempting to chat throughout the song, but I encourage you to close your eyes, feel the music, and enjoy this moment!

Father Daughter and Mother Son dances. Same goes for these Dances. Whisper a thank you to Mom and Dad, but you shouldn't feel the need to chat the whole time. One of the best "thank you"'s you can give to them is by being really present in that moment.

#5 It's Normal to Feel Awkward first, that is! Trust me, I am one of the most awkward people in front of a camera! I always feel so uncomfortable, so I understand your pain. It's completely normal to feel unease when the lens is on you during your day. The great news is that any  professional photographer and videographer worth their salt are going to know exactly how to make you feel at ease! We're there not only capture your day, but to make you feel comfortable doing so. We'll chat with you, get to know your bridal party, and before you know it, you won't even notice the camera in our hands!


#6 Unplugged Really is Best

I'm 100% sure that if you're planning a wedding, you've already thought about the benefits and drawbacks of having an unplugged Ceremony. You might not want to offend family members who want to capture their own photos or videos of you on the big day. You might even like the idea of having some different perspectives. Most photographers will let you know their opinion, and most would advise you to ask your guests to put the devices away. I'm here to tell you that videographers feel the exact same way, if not even more so! During the Ceremony my second shooter and I both operate our cameras on a tripod. which unfortunately means we have less flexibility than a photographer, who moves unencumbered. When your Aunt puts her phone, or worse, iPad, in front of my camera to snap a photo, I have to move the entire tripod, which can mean lost minutes of footage. On top of that, videographers are often providing full video footage to you of your Ceremony, which means that every second counts even more! As professionals, we do our very best to find the perfect place to position ourselves during your Ceremony and to adapt as quickly as possible to any unforeseen circumstances. By eliminating devices from your Ceremony, you're only helping your hired professionals create the best product that they can for you!

So there you have it friends! Take these tips into consideration while you're planning, and you're videographer will love you all the more for it! At the end of the day, keep in mind that creative wedding professionals do what they do because they LOVE what they do. We care deeply about out clients and their satisfaction with the work we produce is always the number one priority!

I wish you the best of luck in planning and on the beginning of your married life. Enjoy every minute of it!


Oh and P.S. If you're still in the planning stages and considering a videographer - feel free to reach out at any time. I'd love to chat about your big day and tell you why video be the perfect addition to your day!


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Elizabeth DuBoe